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showers and storms up in pennsylvania yesterday afternoon but that's it. you see some high clouds from the southwest especially south and east of d.c. but for the most part clear to partly cloudy and very comfortable now. in fact, kind of cool. cumberland down to 52. hagerstown down to 54. 50s here and this air is moving southeast. low 60s in leesburg now at 60. la plata 61. it's 65 in cambridge. and here in d.c., we're at 67 degrees. and this afternoon, it's going fob another beautiful day. just a bit brie i at times -- breezy at times. don't forget the sun block. 74 in easton. frederick today. 75 along with manassas and also here in washington. mike and andrea back to you. ♪
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he would want d.c. to party hard for him. the godfather of go go died yesterday. he was 75. >> he had been hospitalized for several weeks after getting pneumonia and fans of a man who created washington's own music genera are in mourning of his passing after five decades of performance. >> 9news now reporter bruce johnson has more. >> reporter: we're outside the historic howard theater, chuck brown couldn't be here for the grand opening some weeks ago. he's here tonight in spirit. and as hundreds if not thousands of people gather to give chuck a d.c. sendoff. >> we lost a great one so we got to celebrate his life and his legacy. >> i love chuck brown. i've been listening to him all my life every school dance. ♪ >> reporter: d.c. mayor gray says he may open the washington convention center for chuck brown's funeral. >> chuck was a great human being. and frankly a good friend of mine. >> reporter: tributes were pouring in from the high and mighty to the low for the
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father of go go. >> he flew off the covers and made people understand we are a lot more than a government town. >> probably tell the city to party hard for him tonight. he really would tell the city to party hard. this is a devastating loss. >> reporter: got a gramny mom nation? >> oh my god. unbelievable. ♪ >> reporter: chuck brown was 75. he began performing back in the 1960s. by the '70s when the rest of the country was deep into disco, d.c. had the own percussion driven sound called go-go. ♪ chuck's biggest hit "busting loose" soared up the charts in 1978. even today it's played on every d.c. radio station. ♪ chuck brown's live concerts were a family affair. four generations turned out to
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hear chuck. >> he embody. who we are, what we do. >> he is the true definition of d.c. culture. >> of course you're from doctoring, have to be a chuck brown fan. >> how do you feel? >> well -- just like if -- right now because right now, i'm just enjoying every minute of -- of being on this planet. >> reporter: probably don't even have a permit for this and no idea how long this is going to go on but it's the chuck brown, you really don't need a permit. somebody once said that chuck brown is to d.c. what elvis is to memphis. back to you in the studio. it is time for the latest your money report. of the morning. as we change gears a bit. >> and jessica doyle has the headlines, i have to say i didn't see this one coming. i didn't see him live. so, so vibrant. >> we were talking about this during bruce's story. i mean it would be awesome if there was an outbreak of tribute fans that came out for the passing because we'd love to go celebrate his music.
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>> talked tuesday about having seen him tuesday for a fundraiser for the arc and you don't sit down the whole time. >> we're going to have more about chuck brown throughout the morning. i wanted to take a moment -- >> use that tribute. >> on wall street for sure? >> oh my goodness wall street really could use a break. you can blame greece yet again. now checking the numbers -- world markets, slowly adjusting for the possibility that greece is going to drop out of europe's common currency. it's a sign of pretty cap instability in the -- political instability in the country. this comes after coalition talks to former governments fell apart. the president of grease says depositors are pulling euros out of banks and that's
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weakening the already strained financial system. bad situation there. meantime facebook's ipo is expected to be priced after the market closes later today. a filing yesterday reveals that facebook will issue an additional 85 million shares this week. have this raises the total number of shares to more than 420 million. the offering most anticipated in years seen valuing facebook at more than $100 billion. >> that's it? only $100 billion? >> $100 billion. >> about some of the people who were on the board who have these megashares and they're going to be like $35 million or $50 million more. >> by tomorrow. >> a lot of people are talking about how much money california is going to make in terms of tax revenue. >> i heard that too. >> a big bailout. >> yeah. >> don't begrudge them that. >> governor brown is like this. please. >> thank you very much. >> what do you have in the next half hour? well you know we talked in the past of say veterans having
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problems finding jobs when they come back to the u.s. and there's a new vehicle out there today we're going to talk about that could help them out. >> all right. sounds good. thanks. well, we've said monika is with us. she's out live at a major roadway this morning to tell us what's going on along the dulles greenway. monika? >> well, andrea today is the seventh annual dulles greenway drive for charity benefiting five local charities and a local scholarship program. 100% of the tolls collected today will go to charity. i'll have more on this coming up in a few minutes. so more cars we have out here today. the better it's going to be. right beverly farmer? >> absolutely. and unfortunately we've already got a lot of cars on another roadway you have to pay in time. that's i-95 late to clear construction on northbound 95 coming out of stafford county. heads up out of fredericksburg for the early delays. coming up from near center port parkway to get to 610 garrisonville. as a result of that we're going to find very heavy traffic
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northbound on i-95 getting through the work zone one lane at a time. single file gets by that work zone there late to clear in the next few minutes they should be out of the roadway according to vdot and police around the scene there. no incidents to report on 66, not a trouble for you right now on the maryland beltway. outer loop of the peltway out of college park into silver spring but building volume. state highway crews are retrieving the debris. downtown traffic 50 checking okay. your next timesaver traffic comes up at 5:09. you're watching 9news now. good morning, we'll be right back after this. alright. so we have $10. you could get two things for $4 and one for 2. or five things for 2. or one for 6 and two for 2. with denny's $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu, we're open to all-new ways to save you money. denny's.
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hello everybody, 5:09 on this thursday morning. we've got a good looking air mass moving in. cooler drier air a very comfortable day. check out the day planner. where temperatures will be climbing -- well first they're going to fall into the low 60s and then make a recovery. in fact by the middle of the day upper 60s. by the afternoon temps in the low to mid-70s just a bit breezy at times really looking good. beverly farmer has an update on timesaver traffic. howard better news northbound 95 although you're in a pretty big backup through stafford county. vdot is telling us they did remove the roadwork close to 610. northbound 95 from the center port parkway just north of 17 heavy volume of tram with all the lane -- traffic with all the lanes open. here in springfield the pace is
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good. next timesaver traffic comes up 5:16. mike back to you. sounds good bev we will hear from you then. making news now this morning, fairfax county police are now investigating a late night murder in mount vernon. officers got -- noise call on san leandro place and they found a man who was in his 40s inside the car who had been shot several times in his upper torso. police have not released his identity yet. the maryland budget battle is over and the house of delegates approved a revenue package to prevent the doomsday budget from taking effect. it includes an income tax hike on individuals making more than $100,000 and households earning more than $150,000. sounds like a bad movie sequel. are you ready for debt ceiling part deux the standoff? president obama met with congress until leaders at the white house yesterday. his to do list of economic bills includes raising the debt ceiling. republicans say they want some big spending cuts first.
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sound familiar? last year's showdown led to a downgrade in the u.s. credit rating. you remember stephen strasburg had a bad outing tuesday but the next guy on the nationals' rotation he shuts down his opponents last night. we'll have highlights coming up at 5:23. >> at 5:15 howard has more on how long we will enjoy this great weather. seven day forecast just minutes away. >> we're remembering the good four of go-go. -- godfather of go-go chuck brown. at 5:30 we'll hear more from some of his fans. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch.
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good morning, 5:14. welcome back to 9news now. on this friday eve. and we're looking forward to the weekend. we're just looking forward to today. it's going to be a great weather day. >> it's going to be gorgeous out there not just today but tomorrow, saturday and sunday as well. we have a four day stretch. maybe going to the preakness festives and air show at the andrews the joint open house over there as well. i mean this is going to be spectacular. here's a look and even graduations that are going on this weekend. awesome. here's a look at your allergy update though. been telling andrea about this all morning so yeah, let's go look at it. there are the numbers -- the numbers -- the high category it's relative to each category itself. so you can't compare them. they're not apples and apples. hopefully with the drier air
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moving in we can knock the numbers down a little bit at least the mold. the bus stop forecast, mainly clear. some high clouds south and east of town. we have a comfortable morning with 50s and 60s al thole north and west, well north and west you guys may need a jacket. sunrise here in a little while at 5:56. through the day our day planner actually looks like a nice day ahead with lots of sunshine. 36 at 9:00. north winds at 12 and 11 at 11:00. in the 10 to 15 range and maybe going northeast later this afternoon with low 70s at 1:00. abysm lunchtime although a bit breezy in spots. 3:00 73 and going to top off at about 75 here and by 5:00 still around 73 degrees. a very nice evening ahead. this morning in the low 50s to the north and west in cumberland. mid 50s hagerstown to winchester but still upper 60s lake the pax river naval air station and here in washington. locally you can see the cooler stuff coming into the northern suburbs in leesburg at 61
5:16 am
degrees. still 65 at fort belvoir to the south and 62 over in bade -- baden this morning and columbia. outside on the michael & son weather camera, 67 degrees. look at the winds out of the north northeast at 14. so the front's passed. that's going to set the stage for some very confidentable weather here over the next few days. we had some showers well south and east of us. there's a cold front now that's coming through us the drier air with that front continues to push south and east and that air mass is going to be with us as i said today through sunday. show you the futurecast. going now to the carolinas or maybe southwestern virginia for the weekend? you may run into some showers there. but this just nothing but niceness headed our way. here's a look at the forecast. today, 75 degrees. very, very nice. sunshine tomorrow. 76789 76. after a cool start, 40s and 50s tonight with light northeasterly winds. by saturday another great day.
5:17 am
upper 70s. sunday around 80 and there's the stretch of weather right through the weekend and then next week unsetted. slightly better chance of seeing something tuesday and wednesday. it is now 5:16. beverly farmer's got the timesaver traffic report for us. northbound side of 95 howard very slow go out of stafford county. miscommunication, northbound near 610 garrisonville only just pulled the barrels out of your way. folks that live in fredericksburg and work downtown leave early. then the pace improves some bailout on to route 1 to deal with. in the beltway in springfield moving freely. 395 north lanes open making the ride up to the 14th street bridge. no troubles to report there, picking up the construction on the beltway in virginia too. now i-270 southbound, heaviest volume leaving frederick county. you expect that. but there's a new crash northbound on 270. right near montgomery village avenue. northbound it ties up the right
5:18 am
half of the roadway and it will be a distraction for southbound drivers out of jermantown. your next check of timesaver traffic comes up at 5:29. monika is on the dulles greenway with the drive for charity. >> good morning beverly. i put on a different hat today celebrating tolls for charity. it's the seventh annual dulles greenway drive for charity. i have a new friend here today. she does a fantastic job every single morning with spoil on her face. the reason is that today for a 24 hour period all tolls 100% of the tolls collected will go to five local charities. there's also a local scholarship program. guys, $1,500 each to 12 seniors at 12 local high schools in loudoun county. that's pretty fantastic. now normally, in may, on a weekday, 56,000 cars go through. now last year, they had 59,000 cars. today's goal? 60,000 cars they want to raise
5:19 am
$260,000. in the last six years, they have raised $1.2 million for charity. a pretty incredible number and everybody that drives through here this morning, we're saying hello and they all understand that what they're paying today, $5.55 for the rush hour is not small change. but all of it will go to charity. we'll have more on what those charities are coming up in about a half an hour so stay with us. and drive through and say hello. back to you andrea and mike. >> all right. d.c. united gets a rare shutout. >> the nats bounce back from their loss thanks to a great start from one of the league leading strikeout artists, we have highlights coming up in sports. >> but first, here's another look at our question of the morning -- >> our facebook friend nathaniel vick wrote --
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5:22 on this thursday morning. cooler drier air moving in. you can see temperatures down in the low to mid-50s this morning. we're still holding on to the 60s. 9:00 a.m.
5:23 am
we'll get cooler, in fact we'll drop to about 63 here frederick 58. even south of town we're looking low to mid-60s. then we restart that recovery today the temperatures. sunshine, northerly winds a little breezy by lunchtime, going to be up there 60s to near 70 degrees. with some afternoon highs in the low to mid-70s but it's going to feel pretty darn good out there dropping the humidity levels, andrea and mike? nba playoff time now. the lets are one stepper lo -- celtics are one step closer to reaching the nba finals. >> here's kristen berset with highlights. >> good morning everybody you know ever since spring training a lot of great things have been said about the nationals' starting rotation. despite a few minor hiccups here and there they've continued to be dominant this season. as of today, gio gonzalez and stephen strasburg lead the national league in strikeouts. you'll see why in just a moment. first, their office hot last night. nats and pirates, bryce harper jacks one to the scoreboard.
5:24 am
it's so close to going out. instead he settles for his first career triple. not bad. but he gets stranded on third in that inning. more hot bats though in the 6th. adam laroche goes yard directly followed by nady. back-to-back homers, nationals lead 4-1. back to gio a season high ten strikeouts last night. jumps him to the top spot in the national league, nationals take this one 7-4. >> we got some pretty good pitchers over here. you know, when you risk that -- i'd say it keeps the pressure off your defense. d.c. united hosting the colorado rapids last night. 25th minute, d.c. united on the rush. dwayne derow zaire owe finishes that one. second half ball in the box, boss slow vick is denied but d.c. united wins picking up
5:25 am
their first shutout of the season. settics 76ers -- tied at 1 apiece. boston having no problems last night. a dominant second half. kevin garnett 27 points, 13 rebounds as the celtics pound 76ers 107-91. they lead the series 2-1. that's a look at your morning sports. have a great thursday. security is tightening up in frederick county ahead of tomorrow's start of the g-8 summit. >> plus d.c. fans remember the life of local music legend chuck brown the godfather of go- go. delia? >> to many fans chuck brown was full of life and embodied the high energy of go go. of course we all know the creator of go-go music and he actually reinvented himself after he spent some time in jail as a young person and anyone who has a fortune of hanging out with him or actually seeing him perform. i did a couple of times. a memorable show. i'm a convert but a native d.c.
5:26 am
go-go head. is deejaying here at pgc. tony reds. quickly tell me about what chuck brown meant to you. >> well, chuck brown, he meant d.c.. for the simple fact is he started go-go. he's the godfather of it and he set the blueprint for the bands to do the music called go-go. he took r&b, he took jazz, he took -- he just put it together where you kept the rhythm going. and so people's like what is this music? then you know a lot of fans picked it up like rare essence, backyard. that's how you got tcb today. when you hear that music it's like this is what we have -- ill you can go to new orleans, they have their music and you can go to california they have their music but when you hear that go go sound you know it came from d.c. and chuck brown started it. >> more about brown his life, legacy and his music coming up after the break when 9news now continues. ♪
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some places i go really aggravate my allergies.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now, i'm andrea roane. >> happy thursday, friday eve. i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us. >> yeah. >> yeah. beverly farmer's going to have traffic in a moment. and a little perp talking many my -- person talking in my ear. monika is going to join us, she's out live at a really cool event. more information on that. >> howard is here with the great weather forecast. >> how long have you been hearing the voices mike? everybody wants to snow. >> hoping some medication is going to help that. >> weather-wise we've got a pretty nice air mass moving in. it's cooler and drier and going to be around for several days to come so i think we're good through the eastbound. that's the good news right there. and early next week that's when things are unsettled again. a look outside. see some lights now showing up. you know only about 25 minutes until the sunrise here. those temperatures this morning
5:31 am
down to 67 in town. we've got some 50s north and west. 69 by noon. and this afternoon's highs in the low to mid-70s but a bit of a breeze. it will be north to northeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. cold front last night came through. it's south of us now and continues to push away from us. so other than a few high thin clouds not much to tell you except it's cooling off. cumberland low 50s to mid 50s in winchester and hagerstown. even leesburg down to 59 degrees. still 69 on the bay. 60 at the tappahannock airport. a gorgeous thursday ahead. let's get an update on timesaver traffic with beverly farmer with that info. thank you howard. i-270 corridor southbound out of frederick still seeing building volume into urbanna and hyattstown. northbound crash near montgomery village avenue. northbound 270 tying up the right side of the roadway with the response.
5:32 am
as you can see here right side of the screen headed away from the camera is going to the crash scene. i warned you about it for southbound travelers because it may be a distraction. to get past business 234 into the rest area to 28. all lanes open. though on 66 that ride east oh look how pretty the sunrise is. to vienna and fall church the pace get is pretty decent with no obstacles or linkering construction in your path. there was lingering construction northbound 95 folks out of stafford still in some delays. heading up the garrisonville with the construction now out of the roadway is going to take a while to recover there. now the volume is building here in springfield but lanes are open on to 395 heading up to the 14th street bridge. andrea mike back to you. he was a major part of the d.c. music scene for decades. >> today go-go fans are remembering chuck brown. brown died yesterday. he was 75. he'd been hospitalized for several weeks after coming down
5:33 am
with pneumonia. brown started performing in the 1960s and founded the sound we call go go in the 1970s. as disco was sweeping the rest of the country. fans celebrated the music and legacy outside the howard theater last night. >> he embodied who we are, what we do. how we feel about our community. >> he is the true definition of d.c. culture. >> of course you're from d.c. have to be a chuck brown fan. >> he drew fans of every age. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at the studios in ranham with more reaction to chuck brown's death. good morning delia. >> reporter: we were just -- good morning. we were just reminiscing on the life and legacy and our own memories of chuck brown and many folks here pgc who had the privilege of meeting him and interviewing him. i saw him twice in a performance. i had said in the last hit that i'm a convert because i'm a transplant here to d.c. but tony reds is a local and
5:34 am
native. grew up loving chuck brown like so many people did and you actually -- he kind of inspired you to play go go. >> of course when you hear that music it just does something to you. my aunt's at home and my grandfather used to listen to the music and you wake up and you come home from school and you hear that music and next think you know you trying to grab her pots and pans and get out of the kitchen with my pots and pans. you trying to start your own band. you don't know what you're doing but you're trying the make go-go. >> reporter: you rap with them. tell me about the legacy and future of go-go here in d.c. because chuck brown was the epitome of go go. and so what happens now that he's moved on? >> well, what it does is it just opens the doors for young people to inspire them to do more like -- like polo. polo is you know, the he's the lead talker for tcb and he's going through a medical situation right now. and he changed go-go. he changed the sound of go-go
5:35 am
to the bounce beat. so it's like -- polo took his regimen and just inspired him to change that music and start something new. and now we dot a whole young generation doing something that polo started. you sew what i'm saying? so chuck brown opened if doors far lot of people. you got the grown and sexy for the older crowd and then you got the bounce beat for the young kids. that's what we do. and every night we go out and play -- it's phenomenal like we can play the same thing over and over every night and you going to have a packed crowd. >> reporter: oh, yeah i mean the crowd is hyped whenever you go to a show. people 18 to 60 are on their feet for two, three hours and when i first saw him-it was remarkable. i was at state of the union on u street and you know someone -- i was like on the dance floor. young girls back in my single days. but on the dance floor and you know go-go came on and the crowd went wild. and of course you know being from the northeast, i didn't know anything about it. and i got joked on.
5:36 am
and -- but you love it. and you learn to embrace it and you know it's -- it's quintessential d.c. and it speaks to the soul. and you know, there's so many influences. latin, hip hop, r&b. >> listen to it. listen to what he did. he took rhythm. he took blues. he took r&b and he made a gumbo and made go-go. and that's what chuck brown did. so when you look at that -- it's like amazing because who would take an r&b song and keep the beat going? keep the congo going and call out to the crowd and let them respond and make them a part of your music and that's what brown did. once you do something like that, when people feeling they're a part of you that's why we embrace chuck brown so much because he made people feel a part of him. a part of his music. we inspired his music. run joe. all the hits you hear these days are classic and timeless. so when you look at stuff like that, it's like hey. doors -- i mean you never know where go-go might be. you might have bouncing down to
5:37 am
china. >> reporter: it's the very beginning. it may have been the end unfortunately of chuck brown's life but it's very beginning of his legacy. and his music living on and hopefully heading out to china. sometime soon. andrea back to you. >> all right, thank you. our wusa9 facebook fans are sharing their thoughts and memories of chuck brown. a viewer writes -- and john says -- and we will have much more on chuck brown all morning long. mike? thanks andrea. well today lawyers are going to make closing arguments in trial of former presidential candidate john edwards and the defense rested yesterday outcalling any of the three
5:38 am
high-profile witnesses including his eldest daughter cate. his former mistress was talked about possibly going on the stand and even edwards himself and attorney debbie lines is here with reaction now. maybe the prosecution's case is that weak they didn't need this emotional testimony? >> i think what the defense is trying to do is to keep it tight. to focus on what it's about. campaign finance laws. what they did was set a very dry and boring case but two pieces of evidence. one was a memo by the federal elections commission after edwards was audited that said no violations. of the million dollars. and another one was a justice department opinion that said that when you go after these cases, you must have no doubt and it must be an indication that it's a violation by the federal election commission saying it themselves. >> so when we have these things in writing does it seem as if it's more of just a political angle this case has taken? >> that's what a lot of attorneys think because it's the first case of its kind.
5:39 am
that they've brought against him. so whether it's a witch hunt, a vendetta. >> it's hard to say. >> it's hard to say. >> and they focused just on the facts in this case. it's obviously the affair part -- if it goes in that direction that it didn't influence it too much. but if the jury deliberations go on for more than a week who do you think it benefits? >> i think it benefits -- probably the prosecution. >> really? >> i think -- >> interesting. >> well, usually if you remember from the oj case usually a quick verdict usually is for the defense. >> right. >> so the longer it goes the more they're thinking about and the more they're dig cussing, more -- discussing, more many favor of the -- in favor of the prosecution. >> if it goes along and the jury decides another thing, does that mean we're going appeal right away? >> i think the prosecution -- cannot appeal. i definitely think that if edwards is convicted on a case
5:40 am
like this, first of its kinds and after the federal elections commission -- oh definitely an appeal. >> debbie, thanks so much. thank you for joining us this morning. over to you. federal law enforcement officers are tightening security in frederick county, maryland. ahead of tomorrow's g-8 summit. the leaders of the world's eight largest economies will meet at camp david. their agenda will focus on the economic crisis in europe. debt ridden greece could soon withdraw from the euro zone and other member countries also face serious measures in order to stay afloat. >> the euro is going to disappear and if that happens there's a danger the whole european union as such will disappear as well. >> it either has to make up or is looking at a potential breakup. that's the choice they have to make. and it's a choice they cannot long put off. >> meanwhile, those same world leaders will be growthed by protestors this weekend in chicago. site of a nato summit. that conference will focus on plans for winding down the war
5:41 am
in afghanistan. 5:41 now. so how's the economy looking overall? jessica doyle has more on that coming up in just a little bit. >> plus, there's some good news about foreclosures if you can believe it. we'll be right back. it's 5:41. dad look, you can get eggs, bacon and pancakes for $4. umm. in my day, you get eggs, bacon and pancakes, and it only cost you $4. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 tasty choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's.
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5:43 on this thursday morning. we're looking really nice. drier cooler air is moving in. your day planner today don't forget the sunscreen or wide brimmed hats. going to need it. sunny today a little breezy at times. temperatures drop a few more degrees this morning, we'll recover to near 70 by noon. highs today in the low to mid- 70s. what a gorgeous bright sunshine out there. i'll be back with the full weekend forecast in a few. right now here's beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. howard, heading south out of frederick on 270. building volume to get through urbanna and past 109 and the truck scales typical volume there. with no incidents to report. right side of the screen of
5:44 am
course that southbound traffic. pace picks up to get through jermantown but a heads-up they're clearing audiotape crash on northbound 270 montgomery village avenue. the far right lane blocked maybe a southbound distraction for you. the next timesaver traffic report at 5:52. mike? thanks beverly. 5:44. time for another your money report. >> jessica is back with the latest on foreclosures that changing story. >> we've actually got some really good news on the foreclosure front. newday that shows that the number of homes seized by banks actually dropped in april. realty track says home repossessions fell by 7% for march and dropped 26% from april last year. now still numbers coming in from the states point to potentially more home repossessions ahead. and newly released minutes from the federal reserve indicate that some central bankers are open to stimulating the economy yet again. risk factors say that no surprise here. europe's debt crisis. another one, spending cuts and tax increases that could take
5:45 am
effect at the end of the year if congress can't reach a budget agreement. several members thought additional support could be needed if the recovery loses momentum down the road. the unemployment rate for veterans returning home from service is high. they say the its members put their unemployment rate at 17% back in january. and now there's a new tool for vets to find work. a mobile job store will be at the d.c. armory today from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. the hero to hire program allows guard and reserve attendees to search for available jobs inside a truck. that houses kiosks. it's traveling across the country and hopefully that will find some jobs today. >> that sounds great. yeah. thanks jess. coming up we'll head out live to the dulles greenway with more on today's drive for charity. >> stay with us, we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. 5:49. we're remembering when they were young. [ laughter ] moving right along. let's get to howard's forecast. >> all a state of mind. stative mind. we're going to have a good state of mind weather-wise. going to be with us for the rest of the week through the weekend. so any of your plans to get outside, going to be a-ok. here's a look at the bus stop forecast for you on this thursday morning. friday eve as we like to call it. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s so yeah, its may be a little cool in a couple of spots a bit of a breeze too. sunrise happening just a few minutes at 5:56. all right today lots of sunshine. lunchtime you might want to eat outside except for that breeze and north northeast 10 to 15 but look at temperature thes close to 70. -- temperatures close to 70 with the sun. this afternoon 4:00 73. a high somewhere around 3:30, 4:30 of about 75-degree miss
5:50 am
this evening 8:00 temperatures around 70. nats are home again with the pirates, should be a beautiful night for ball. the dryer air is moving in. here's a look at dew points, just know the lower numbers, the drier air. the higher numbers, the more moist air and still seeing 60s here in the dew points down in southern maryland but we have a dew point of 39 degrees in cumberland and oakland and it continues to move to the south. the cool temperatures with it. 52 cumberland. yes 39 in oakland. a chilly morning in garrett county. mid 60s in fredericksburg and low 60s in the northern neck from bill and jan down there. about 62 also from charlie there in fauquier county. in town starting the see almost the -- to see almost the sunrise here. they've turned off the lights at the capitol this morning at the michael & son weather camera. yes, it is feeling a little brisk out there in spots. here's the satellite and radar.
5:51 am
through south carolina, for us we've seen a few high clouds but really the important thing that you're not seeing is the cold front that's come through. drier air behind it. northerly winds behind that front. and that air mass continues to take over and it's going to be with us as i said through the weekend. the futurecast really it's the concern for travelers going down i-81 into southwestern virginia this afternoon. you may see an area of showers down there. also into parts of the carolinas especially to the coast hire. friday morning's all quiet and crisp. 40s and 50s tomorrow morning. a brisk start to the weekend. we get to friday afternoon, going to the outer banks some showers there and also the tennessee valley toward the deep south and we stay high and dry and just gorgeous weather. preakness saturday. the joint services open house air show. friday for the d. o. d. workers and the schools. saturday and sunday for the open house for the rest of us. look at this 75 today. 76 tomorrow after being down in the 40s and 50s.
5:52 am
even friday night a few 40s still around in the colder spots. saturday looks great. sunday looks great too around 80 and then a chance of storms returns later on monday. beverly farmer's how's it looking? right now howard we've got volume building on 66 you knew it would happen. eastbound delays leaving -- leaving manassas to get to the rest area. heavier volume of traffic right side of your screen east and making your way through fair oaks more volume there as well. and inside the beltway. as you make your way through falls church. all lanes open on the corridor. no troubles to report 28, 29, corridors. virginia bell beltway. if you're traveling on the northbound side of 95, the light to clear construction last hour still had lingering delays coming up through stafford to 610. next set of delays into dumfries from triangle. getting through woodbridge from the prince william parkway. volume here is the northbound traffic. the headlights toward you. the pace on 395 starting to bog down in landmark but all lanes are open now up toward the 14th street bridge.
5:53 am
i-270 core corridor out of frederick. get past the truck scales and everything is open. the northbound crash is gone near montgomery village avenue and that is not to worry. monika out on the dulles greenway this morning. good morning monika. >> reporter: good morning beverly. thank you so much. i am out on the dulles greenway this morning for the seventh annual drive for charity. now the dulles groanway opened in 1995 and since then, they've had a long-standing commitment to loudoun's welfare. to talk about the 24 hour event is pr guru of the dulles greenway terry hoffman. thank you for joining us this morning. tell us a little bit about this event and the charities involved. >> yes, the day's seventh annual drive for charity. 100% of the tolls that we collect today will go to five local charities in the dulles greenways scholarship. so that's every cent we collected and every penny we collect today will go to to the
5:54 am
local charities and the scholarship program. >> reporter: every penny goes to the charities. give us a list of the charities. >> the charities, we have march of dimes, loudoun abused women shelter, fresh air for a cure. loudoun wildlife conservancy and echo. >> it goes to 12 seniors at loudoun county high school. >> yeah, we get one scholarship to each senior at loudoun county high school. throughout the history of our scholarship program we've been given over 100 scholarships to help the seniors go to college. we had over 160 applications the year, the hard part is picking 12 winners. >> what's the requirements? >> we have three questions they need to answer about being a good citizen then we'll grade them and pick a winner. >> reporter: you havearned in the last six years $1.2 million
5:55 am
for charities. how does that work? >> we divide the total proceeds from the day among the five charities. and our scholarship program. >> reporter: now how many cars normally go through here on any given weekday in may and what's the goal for today? >> in may we're averaging about 56,000 cars. today the goal is 60,000. we want everybody in loudoun to come out. avoid route 7 and route 28. take the dulles greenway for a faster commute and give back to the community. >> reporter: and you did a lot of advertising on this. how did you get the word out and how do people know about this event and also give us the hours. >> well, it starts at midnight. started at midnight. and it goes until midnight tonight. we do a lot of different stuff with mix 107.3. they be here at the toll booth promoting it. giving away free oil changes. you can win coupons, get free ice cream at ben & jerry's in reston town center and we want to thank channel 9 for helping us come out to get the word
5:56 am
out. >> reporter: you're welcome. terry, about 1900 cars through her. we're hoping for 60,000. we'll have more in the next 30 minutes. back to you guys, jessica? really cool. well, we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. here's some of my favorites on this thursday morning. it feels like summer. now let's go get summer hair with highlights, a haircut and a blow dry with this deal on gilt city. salon and spa in glover park is offering the package for9 # dollars. that's 50% off. here's your chance with a deal on groupon. pay $109 and you're going to get a 30 minute flight for one. that's a $300 value. pay $198, bring a friend. you can make this a date. $600 value. tours operates this adventure. if you need a new desktop computer this one could be for you. best buy's deal of the day an hp pavilion slimline desktop it comes with 6 gigs of memory.
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good thursday morning, 9news now at 6:00 a.m. begins with a live look. you see it there the washington monument.

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